I’ve just learned that Lord Dunsany, the famous English fantasy author, was actually called

Baron Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett Lord Dunsany,

and I have once more to concede that truth is indeed always stranger than fiction.

Name a character like that, and every editor will send you home for overachievement.

And is that where Marvel got the name for Drax the Destroyer from?


What’s wrong?

Unbridled, righteous rage  throbbed visibly in the bulging vein on Mr. Edison’s temple. One hand clenched the paper as he read it aloud. Continue reading

The Bean’s Secret

The tome was ancient, the vellum yellowed and brittle, and she was barely able to decipher the scrawly handwriting. This was no luxurious folio like the others she had found in that forgotten Andalusian monastery; no, this was just the notebook of a monk, and perhaps it was mankind’s greatest treasure. Continue reading

Tin Man is Looking for a Dream

This was originally inspired by Chuck Wendig’s slasher-prompt. But as I’m absolutely, completely illiterate when it comes to horror and its subgenres (and also have zero aspirations to change this pitiable condition), it didn’t turn out as slasher (I only know the Wikipedia definition anyway). Perhaps… splatter? Dunno. Don’t wanna. It’s pretty bloody, though.

So, for what it’s worth: warning for 1000 words of violence.

He has the vial ready as he opens the vein with the tip of his finger. It’s pretty, blue on the paleness of the wrist. No waste. No waste! The liquid is slippery and less fluid than he thought. Certainly less fluid than his oil. For good measure, he opens the little valve at his elbow and catches the drop that oozes out. Continue reading