Grey and silver were the colours of their city – grey concrete, silver steel, planes of glass reflecting the washed-out shade of the sky. Corners veiled in the stark black of midday shadows and a few red and blue cars were the only contrasts. Even the few trees that carved out their existence at street corners and in back yards had long lost their vibrant green under the relentless glare.

The boys and girls, cruising seemingly aimless through the maze of urban canyons, didn’t attract any attention. Grey hoodies and faded blue jeans, a nondescript nylon backpack slung over bony shoulders, the uniform of the invisible.

No one noticed that their backpacks were all the same.

They liked to be invisible. During the days, the forgotten factory was their playground, out of sight of the ants in the streets.

But during the night, they reclaimed their city. They spread out, on their own or in pairs, and with the spray cans stuffed into their packs they brought the colour back.

Written for the FFfAW Challenge-Week of July 11, 2017
170 words
Photo-prompt by Grant-Sud.




9 thoughts on “Reclamation

  1. I love bringing color back, but even better yet is recognizing that it was all grey in the first place. We humans tend to go about our business heads down and shoulders hunched, missing the color that brings life into our souls. Well done 🙂

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