A Dream Come True

It had been mankind’s dream for hundreds of years and his own since he was a toddler, and now he was here: in the soundproof, airproof, everything-proof little car of a space elevator on its maiden voyage, cramped full with celebrities. A marvel of scientific ingenuity, and he couldn’t help it: despite all professionalism and experience – he hadn’t won his Pulitzers for nothing – he was as excited as the 10-year-old son of the president beside him.

A journey to space! They were so high up now that the planet beneath them formed an elegantly arched horizon and the nanotube, the strand of spidersilk that tied them to earth, only gleamed occasionally in the light of the spotlights.

He didn’t care for champagne and canapés, rather followed the boy’s example and flattened his nose on the transparent material that was clearly no glas. A journalist was allowed to display unbridled curiosity, after all.

And like that he was the first who saw the object that unstealthed above them, something flat and sharp and fast. The collision he expected didn’t happen; he felt only a jolt when it cut the tube and vanished again, and then the feeling of falling…

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction prompt, July 23rd 2017.
199 words.

Photo prompt:

4 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. I like the term “unstealthed” – nice touch. Great writing. You really capture the excitement and optimism of the voyage, which makes the horrible twist at the end even more tragic.

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    • Thank you, Joy! After reading the other entries I found it funny that obviously a lot of people had no idea what exactly that thing on the picture was, because I clearly hadn’t either ^^

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      • I didn’t know what the thing in the photo was either, but I knew it wasn’t something that existed in Eneana! Others were confused too, as you say. But then, that’s fun, because I think it inspired a wider range of interpretations that way.


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