Tin Man is Looking for a Dream

This was originally inspired by Chuck Wendig’s slasher-prompt. But as I’m absolutely, completely illiterate when it comes to horror and its subgenres (and also have zero aspirations to change this pitiable condition), it didn’t turn out as slasher (I only know the Wikipedia definition anyway). Perhaps… splatter? Dunno. Don’t wanna. It’s pretty bloody, though.

So, for what it’s worth: warning for 1000 words of violence.

He has the vial ready as he opens the vein with the tip of his finger. It’s pretty, blue on the paleness of the wrist. No waste. No waste! The liquid is slippery and less fluid than he thought. Certainly less fluid than his oil. For good measure, he opens the little valve at his elbow and catches the drop that oozes out. Continue reading


No Exit

Chuck Wendig had a dream with a recurring phrase: There is no exit.

A situation with no escape can only be a nightmare. Can’t it?

“Della and Jo have pledged their love for each other, they have sealed their vows and received their rings. Before this gathering, they have expressed their complete and pure dedication to one another, and by the authority vested in me, I now pronounce you -” Continue reading