His friends welcomed him with open arms and a bottle of beer when he joined them in their favourite pub, the evening he discovered his wife and his son had left him. He slept well that night, deep and dreamless and alone, and next morning, the sharp sting in his chest when he became aware of the emptiness beside him hurt only a little worse than the hangover pain in his head. Continue reading

A Dream Come True

It had been mankind’s dream for hundreds of years and his own since he was a toddler, and now he was here: in the soundproof, airproof, everything-proof little car of a space elevator on its maiden voyage, cramped full with celebrities. A marvel of scientific ingenuity, and he couldn’t help it: despite all professionalism and experience – he hadn’t won his Pulitzers for nothing – he was as excited as the 10-year-old son of the president beside him. Continue reading

The Crossroad

Let me tell you about the crossroad.

The Bridleway is only a track, but it leads into a wagon trail and a cobbled street which leads to the city. It’s the way the riders take when they raid the hamlets in the hinterlands, hamlets like mine, for men, maidens or dues. Continue reading